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Download our free VivAlign software. This software must be used in conjunction with your VivAlign device. Once you've downloaded the software and purchased a monthly or annual subscription, you can begin performing scans, accessing your results and be on the path to wellness!

You can download the software and log in using demo account in order to see the functions and possibilities of the VivAlign software. Please use Login: VAdemo; Password: VAdemo.

The VivAlign device and software have been optimized for utilization with PC computers running a Windows operating system as well as for Mac OS X systems. Many of our customers do successfully utilize VivAlign with Mac OS X, but some have experienced inconsistent operation, which may be due to interference by various programs installed on individual computers. The VivAlign Team endeavors to increase support for Mac in our ongoing software updates. For those customers who may encounter issues when using Mac OS X, we recommend consideration of a secondary Windows-based system as an alternative platform. We further recommend, to all VivAlign users, implementation of a regularly-scheduled calibration regiment which is essential for accurate and reproducible results and/or changes of environment.